It’s ok to be notOk: the intersection of technology and the conversation around mental health

A couple weeks ago, I came across an awesome app called NotOk. It’s a tool that allows you to easily alert your preprogrammed contacts that you need their help (whether emotionally or physically).

The app was developed by two amazing young folks named Hannah and Charlie Lucas. Hannah was diagnosed with POTS, a condition that causes her to faint unpredictably and developed anxiety and depression around the fear of her health and not having help when she needed it. It’s brought up a lot of challenges for her including missing over 100 days of school.  Both Charlie and Hannah had participated in programs teaching kids how to code and Hannah had the idea of building an app that allowed her reach out for help, when needed, with the press of one button. Together, they designed the app and built it.

They went on to continue to fine tune the platform, making it production ready, and it’s now available in the Google Play Store and App store. This app is not only their first app, but it lead to them building their first company: Bug and Bee.

The best part is that they are using technology to improve the experiences of people on a wide scale. The conversation around mental health is a complicated one, but we can all agree that it’s inspiring to see two young people empowering themselves and others to make a positive change.


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