Great software engineers have these things in common

In this article, I won’t list out all the programming languages you should know because that depends on your job requirements. I should also mention that this isn’t about the credentials you need because sometimes, you don’t need them. These are qualities that are difficult to teach and take years to cultivate — soft skills.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t matter how smart you are, how quickly you can build software, or even the experience you have. All of those things come with time and a lot of people have those boxes checked. Soft skills, however, are arguably more important, and they’re not offering 10 minute tutorials on how to be cool on Udemy.

Every company is a little different and have their own set of ideals for candidates that they look for. These qualities, however, will elevate your professional life no matter where you land.

Working in teams

It’s important to be able to work in teams.  A huge misconception about the tech industry is that it’s ideal for people who don’t like…people. In actuality, building software is hugely collaborative and requires interacting with your team as well as the clients. You have to represent yourself and your company in the best light to achieve your goals.

Good communicators

Being great at communicating is essential for working in teams. It’s not just about speaking in a way that is respectful, but also being clear about what you need from them. It is essential to a successful project. No matter how awesome your team is, they can’t deliver what they don’t know is required.

Staying organized

There are so many moving pieces to any project and it can be difficult to keep up with delegating responsibilities, tracking changes that were made in the middle of a project, or just making sure everyone is on the same page. So, similarly to communicating, organization is key.

Being Positively Passionate

It’s a bit cliche, but non-the-less remains true. This kind of energy is both contagious and inspiring. Not to mention, we tend to do our best work when our efforts are going towards something that we care about.

I say all this to say that we worked so hard to learn these programming languages, tools, libraries, etc. In order to make the most of it, it’s important to have also developed strong soft skills so that we can deliver a great product or service.



Don’t forget to submit a small victory. I will be sharing them on the next post.




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