Welcome to Yaadi Coder


I’m Felicia. I am a QA analyst, who does photography, who build apps, who has too many pet projects, and I’m starting a blog to document and share what I’m learning with you. This past year has been one of transition. I gave up the run around of working in restaurants for a job in the tech industry. On the way, I learned so much about technology, career development, communication, and things that were unexpected like health and fitness. The biggest lesson is that this was only the beginning. I started making a list of skills that I picked up on so far and I thought, “Why not do what everyone else does and start a blog?”. I get accountability and building community in one fell swoop. A positive group beginners who share knowledge, spread positivity, and ultimately, grow into experts… or something like that.

Lastly, I want to highlight our progress by sharing victories at the end of every post. So, if you have something good that happened to you today (even if it’s the smallest thing like making your bed) I would love to know about it. Every step counts.

…and so, it begins.


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